Starting a Professional Lawn Care Business

The best professional lawn care providers will care for your lawn as if it were their own. They’ll do this mainly for two reasons. One, is that the best lawn care professionals really love their job – they like being outdoors, love talking to the people in the neighborhood, and love working with plants and landscapes. The second reason that they’ll treat your lawn well is that they are running a business. And they know that if they baby your lawn and care for it that you’ll not only continue to give them business for years to come but you’ll also recommend them to your friends and neighbors.

There’s a great deal of money in professional lawn care. It’s not a glamorous job, and sometimes requires manual labor on your part, even if you’ve hired a crew, but it’s steady work, even in an economic downturn where you might possibly have to cut your prices a bit. The price you can charge will, of course, vary depending on the location where you’re at and the level of competition there. But, here are some simple basic numbers. If you charge $15 a week for basic lawn cutting services and you have only 10 customers a day, or 50 customers a week (assuming a 5 day work week), you’ll make $750 a week or $3000 a month. Now, admittedly that’s not a huge amount of money, but cutting 10 lawns a day is really a part time job. And $3000 a month for a part time work is nothing to sneeze at. Of course, if you have a crew, you can do more than 30 or more lawns a day and still work part time.

The real money, however, in professional lawn care is in providing your services to commercial customers. Commercial customer will always pay more than residential customers. The contracts are usually long term as well. And many times, with commercial customers, you can have year round income. In the colder winter climates that have snow, it’s not unusual for the professional company that’s providing lawn care services in the summer and spring to provide snow removal services in the winter, and fall clean-up services in the autumn. Feel free to find more information at lawn care software.

The biggest hurdle in starting a professional lawn care business is not the garden work, it’s the marketing of the business. Luckily, there you can find many lawn care courses that will walk you through the process of setting up the business, buying the lawn equipment, and hiring help. Some will also have ready to go sales letters and brochures where you can simply plug in your company name and you’re ready to go. The good courses will also have examples of the necessary forms – such as invoicing forms, cost estimating forms, and so on. Some wishing to have everything prepared for them in a ready to go packet will choose a lawn-care franchise package. But, truthfully, while they may give you the benefit of a good brand name, most of them are so overpriced that you’d be better off either buying a course or going to your local library and check out books on starting a lawn care service.